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Olive Nest is a discovery of wax and I’m Dana the owner who has set out on this exploration. Family and friends know me as a crafter, a d.i.y’er, organizer, the one who will sew slip covers for pillows, create artwork that adorns my wall, build bunk beds (well my husband did, but I sanded and painted) or refinish my granny’s rocking chair. So it’s no wonder that an interest was sparked for candle and wax melt making, at least in my head it makes sense. You can smell a wax melt simmering or see a candle burning in our home daily. So when you take a fusion of creatives, myself (the crafter) and my spouse Antonio (the designer) combining artistry to produce a fragrant, luxury, affordable brand that we use, love and can’t wait to share with others. The main role is creating a product that not only delivers quality with premium fragrance oils, natural ingredients and recyclable packaging but most importantly provides our patrons with an inviting ambiance.